Power Take Off Shaft 9K

The 9K PTO shaft transmits power from the tractor to the PTO power attachment. This enables the tractor to power a variety of tractors, including flail mowers, wood chippers, rotary tillers, excavators and more.

About 9K PTO Shaft

9K pto shaft adhere to the business tenet of quality first and credit first. We have the experience of foreign advanced technology, advanced equipment, professional management team and complete process, thus ensuring the quality of every manufactured product. While establishing a good reputation among customers with “reasonable price and timely delivery”, the company has established a stable supply and demand relationship with many domestic users and manufacturers. For more details, please view our product catalogue and machine list. We have a professional management team and our factory has a professional production team.

How does the Power take off Shaft work?

Many agricultural equipment lack independent power, which is where the tractor PTO comes in.
Each end of the PTO shaft has connections to the tractor and machine. The tractor PTO shaft is operated with a simple switch and can rotate between 540 and 1,000 RPM, depending on the equipment. When engaged, the shaft draws power and torque from the tractor transmission, giving your implement just the right amount of power to get you to work.
PTO shafts come in different sizes, and you’ll need to find one that matches the coupling on the equipment you’re towing. Attaching your tool to the tractor should be easy. If you have to lift the device off the ground to attach the shaft or the shaft is too long, forcing the connection could damage both. If you have an existing PTO shaft handy, it’s easy to confirm your length. Close it and measure from PTO yoke to yoke.

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